Getting started – From training wheels

One of the things that attracted me to cycling at an early age was the feeling of independence.   As soon as the training wheels came off the second-hand 16″ CMM Swinger, I could go faster and further under my own power than ever before.   Suddenly I could take the time allotted to play, and really go somewhere.  No more being stuck in the driveway, plodding up and down the length of it at a snail’s pace.  I was off to see the world (or so it seemed), at light speed.   At first it was just a ride to the top of the hill going away from my house (there was a hill in either direction).  And then it was down the concession to the neighbours’ house.  Pretty soon I was riding into town (4.5 miles according the Volare’s odometer) with my older siblings.   There was no limit  to my newfound freedom.

Cycle training in the driveway 1975. Pre-CMM Swinger days

As I got older (6 and 7 years old), the quest for cycling adventure grew stronger.   Every time we’d get in the car to go somewhere, I would beg my parents to put the bike in the back of the wagon (station wagon, that is) with me. Every trip was an opportunity to explore new neighbourhoods, parks and trails.  A trip to Grand-dad’s house in Cambridge, visiting my older cousins in London, even a long drive to Petawawa to see my uncle in the military, were all great journeys into the unknown.   The bike and I travelled together.  Every town was a new adventure.

Well, it has been nearly forty years since I slipped the surly bonds of those training wheels.  The CMM Swinger got traded for a bigger bike, and the Volare died of oil starvation.  But I’m still here, still riding second-hand bikes.  And I still love finding new places to ride.   This is my Blog about my rides.  I might wander into the related subjects of bike races, bike maintenance, or new cycling trends from time to time.   But I’ll try to keep on track with useful and entertaining posts of the places I’ve ridden.    Hope you like it.   Hope it’s useful.



An Epic Adventure.   Spring Epic at Mansfield, On. 2011


a.k.a. T-Man


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